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What's needed for a website
Firstly there are 3 basic Steps required for a website:

Buying a Domain - which means the address/URL of the website, such as, this is purchased yearly from a domain registrar and the cost varies slightly from provider to provider. At Trust a Web Designer we give you one free domain per site and allow you to add additional ones for £10 per year. If you have already registered the domain your self then that can be pointed at our servers for free.

Hosting the website - the server that the domain points to that holds all the information and provides the email, databases services etc. This is normally paid for either monthly or yearly, but is included in the package deals you select.

Designing and Developing a Website – A website can either be a set of html pages which are then uploaded (static website) or a database driven system that manages the site for you (dynamic website). Prices vary depending on which type of website design you select for your business.

The 3 step approach will be taken care of by us leaving you just to focus on what goes on your site not how your website gets developed!

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