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Why have a website
Here are the main advantages:

Open all the time - unlike a phone number or real world business premises your website can be open 24/7 at no extra cost. The information can be accessible even when you are fast asleep making it valuable for customers who want to find things out at odd hours. Think of how many times you have not had a chance during the day to look up a business and then in the evening they are closed so you can't get the information you need from them, a website can solve this.

Unlimited space - Your website has an unlimited number of pages so in theory the amount of information you put up is endless. Your website can have everything about your business with no concern over cost per word as well as include images and video which other media forms can not.

Always up to date – The website will be updated according to our client's requirements after its hosted.

Accessible anywhere - The great thing about having all this information online is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. So weather your business is local, regional and national or even international you can be sure that your customers near or far will be able to see it.

Works as an information bridge - Traditionally if a customer was interested they had to directly speak with a business which was highly time consuming. More than ever people will look at a multitude of businesses and won't want to speak to every single one. People that want to speak to you still will, but you won't be missing out on the customers that have no time or interest in calling every name in the phone book.

Improves advertising - This in turn improves you other forms of advertising. If you had an advert in the paper saying "great quality workmanship" they have no way of proving that short of visiting you, but with your website you can put pictures up and back up your claims as well as stick to key points in the expensive print form purely designed to entice people to your website where you can encourage the sale.

Improves image - Often when looking through a newspaper or even online people will make a lot of judgements purely based on the look and feel of your website that's why Trust 'A' Web Designer ensures all its customers to have a professional website that helps give the right image to their customers.

Sell online - For those who wish they can sell online using the eCommerce system or take online bookings or quotes via the forms system.

Keep in touch with customers - Our social networking and email marketing tools help you keep in touch with your customers and inform them of latest offers and product information.

Mapping - If your business relies on people finding it, such as a restaurant or a shop then we can install maps on your site where customers can get directions making you easier to find.

These are just some of the benefits but you get the idea that there is a lot a website can do.

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